Our 12th Annual Holiday Club - "Backpackers"




Our 12th Annual Holiday Club - "Backpackers"

Welcome to our 12th Annual Holiday club aimed at young children who want to deepen their knowledge of Jesus and the Bible in general.

We are planning two hours of fun-filled learning about different European countries for five days for children aged 5-11. They will not only be building 3D designs of famous European buildings in arts and crafts, as well as other designs, but also building new relationships and making lifelong friends. All of these different experiences will be used to reinforce Bible stories and key learnings for the week.

The event is then followed by a Sports’ day, meeting at the Band Stand in Greenwich Park on Saturday 17th August 2019 from 12-6pm.

We are happy to tell you that both events are free, and you therefore do not need to worry about paying anything. The Sports’ Day is a bring and share event so there will be food there to share and you can choose to share your own food with others.

The adults in charge of this event have all had DBS checks, so parents can feel free to bring their children and drop them off, then come later to pick them up. We will serve very light refreshments of fruit, biscuits and squash each day.