Woolwich Central Baptist Church's Superhero Party

Welcome to our 7th annual Superhero party for everyone aged 5 to 11 years old. We are planning 2 hours of fun filled learning: games, arts and crafts, and stories.

We do not celebrate Halloween at Woolwich Central Baptist Church. While Halloween is a time of fun and dressing up for many, it does have a less wholesome past and continues to involve darker elements. As a church, we not endorse any of this. Instead, we consistently create at atmosphere where children can deepend their personal relationship with Jesus whilst enjoying fun and games in the process. As a consequence, parents can bring their children to an environment where they do not have to worry about what the rest of the world is doing on the 31st of October.

Woolwich Central Baptist Church's Holiday Club

Welcome to our 7th annual Holiday Club for everyone aged 5 to 11 years old. We are planning 5 days of fun filled learning: arts, crafts, stories, and dancing. Below is the topic we will study for each day.

  • Day 1: Wider and wider Matthew 9:9–13 
  • Day 2: Deeper and deeper Matthew 8:23–27 
  • Day 3: Stronger and stronger Matthew 9:18,19,23–26 
  • Day 4: Greater and greater Matthew 26:36–41,50b,56b; 27:27–46,50,54 
  • Day 5: For ever and ever Matthew 28:1–10 
  • Sunday service: More and more Matthew 28:16–20

Please come back again to find out more details.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

the Holiday Club Team