Main service: Sunday 10:30am

Main service: Sunday 10:30am


Welcome to Woolwich Central Baptist Church, a Baptist church in Woolwich, South East London.

Please use this site to find out more about Woolwich Central's beliefs, how we serve Woolwich and other areas, how we can serve you, and to find out where we are.

Whatever your experience with Christians or Church in the past, you will find Woolwich Central is a warm and welcoming family committed to living the love of Jesus.

If you have never had any contact with Woolwich Central before, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We work with people of all ages from 0 to 120, so there is definitely a way we can serve you or you can fellowship with us.

We thank you for visiting our site.

Hope to see you soon,
The Woolwich Central family.

Bringing Jesus to the community