Woolwich Central Baptist Church: Serving Our Community

Mid Week Worship

Tuesday: Bible study groups, 10am to 11am

Bible study groups are a great way to not only learn more about God through the bible, but also a fantastic way to meet other people in the church. The groups cover a wide range of topics about living as a Christian.


Meeting People

Streetpastors: Friday evening

Woolwich Central and many other local churches in Greenwich are working hard together to start a Streetpastors scheme. Streetpastors offers churches and volunteers the opportunity to share a practical Christian faith on the streets of Greenwich.

A Streetpastor is a local Christian who is willing to care, listen and help. Streetpastors offer a friendly presence by listening to those out on the streets, young or old, seek to engage with people where they are and hope to build relationships with the local community in order to find out their needs and what can be done to help. Streetpastors are advocates of peace. Streetpastors also aim to connect with other local services, and offer a grassroots signposting service for those unsure of what local and voluntary services are available to them. If you'd like to be a Streetpastor in Greenwich, please get in touch

Bringing Jesus to the community