Woolwich Central Baptist Church: Serving Our People

Sierra Leon: Kent Village Community

Woolwich Central Baptist Church and Kent Village Community, Sierra Leone have built an educational resource centre to encourage and support learning opportunities within this small African coastal village. This commitment follows the support we had given to the Kent community dating from 2005 by providing elementary school text books, exercise books, clothing, shoes and the like. The Church also provided a generator (there is no electricity supply in the village) together with multi-media equipment for teaching and entertainment. There are on average 150 pupils who attend the local nursery and elementary school; these children are among the poorest in Sierra Leone. The occupation of their parents is generally fishing or petty-trading with earnings that hardly meet the requirements of subsistence living. Supporting Kent village is part of the vision of Woolwich Central Baptist Church, to see God's Kingdom grow in Woolwich and across the world.

Bringing Jesus to the community