Youth: Make Disciples Who Make Disciples

WCBC Youth Ministry

The chief aims of our youth ministry is to make disciples who make disciples. That means creating a safe and enjoyable environment where there is a deep emphasis on building a personal relationship with Jesus. In order to do this, we eat together, play together, pray together, praise together, study together, and encourage each other.

We are very friendly and very accommodating. Even if you do not come from a Christian background, why not come along to one of your meetings to see how we can support you. Meeting times and details of the activities are below.


Come Visit Us

We meet twice each week: Bible class and Evening Youth.

Bible class

Bible class is for 11-18 year olds. We study the Bible with a hot chocolate. As different people learn differently, we try to use a mixture of traditional Bible studies, drama, music, and games to learn the Bible. Youth who feel comfortable can lead Bible studies, prayer, or even suggest different learning activities.

Bible class runs at the same time as the main Sunday service. If you would like to visit us, please come to Church at 10:30am on a Sunday morning and all the youth will leave to go to Bible class together.

Evening Youth

Evening Youth is for 11+. We meet 4pm to 6pm every Sunday. Strictly speaking, we do not have an upper age limit but we do encourage more mature youth to serve in a leadership capacity or in other ministries in the church. The typical age of the youth is 11 to 18 but we do have some in the 19 to 23 age range.

Evening Youth is different to Bible class. In Evening Youth, we have a meal together, play a lot more sport (football, table tennis, badminton, etc), and the Youth typically take more of a leadership role in Bible studies and praise and worship. For those who have never been to church before, Evening Youth is a great way to get started.

Bringing Jesus to the community