John Wilson: An Apostle to Woolwich

By Rev Israel Olofinjana

The name John Wilson is known to people in Woolwich as one of the major streets in the Royal Borough of Greenwich (RBG), but few people know that John Wilson was a church leader who had a remarkable ministry in Woolwich.  I have been trying to find out more about the person the street was named after.  Part of the reason for this search is because  as the pastor of Woolwich Central Baptist Church, I have come to learn that the church’s history is connected with the story of Rev Dr John Wilson.

John Wilson was one of the most significant church and public leaders in nineteenth century England. As the pastor of Woolwich Tabernacle (which merged together with Conduit Road Baptist in 1969 to form our church, Woolwich Central Baptist Church), John exercised leadership influence across this country and particularly in Woolwich. It was to recognise his immense contribution to society that the main street in Woolwich was named after him.